Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Advantages of NIKO Mineral Makeup

I've been selling NIKO Mineral Makeup for over a year now. I've been a big believer in mineral makeup even before I started my business for obvious reasons...It has less chemicals than liquid makeup and it feels wonderfully weightless.
But after promoting several different brands I noticed that not all mineral makeup is created equal. Some have bismuth oxychloride (which irritates the skin) and causes breakouts. Some are too shiney. Some "fall" off half way through the day. And what about the loose powders? That seems to be the biggest complaint...Women are tired of messy loose powders!

Let me tell you about the #1 selling Dual Compact Mineral Makeup in Cananda! NIKO is simply the best! All, and I mean all of my clients, and their referral have switched from the name brands we're all familiar with, and also Mac.

NIKO is a pressed compact that you can use dry, or wet for a moisturizing effect. It lasts all day and if you do need a touch up, it's easy and not messy at all. No breakouts what-so-ever!!! Most importantly, NIKO has excellent coverage without the shine. Something else I love about this makeup is that you no longer have to use a finishing powder. NIKO's all you need. Just another way to simplify our lives...yay! The cost is $42 and lasts about 5 months. Everyone is so happy with this new makeup. It makes me happy to provide a quality makeup that makes women's lives easier.

Another bonus is NIKO looks beautiful and natural on camera. Love it!

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