Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exfoliant for Pennies

The Aspirin Mask is Hollywood's best kept secret! After a night of no sleep or too much fun the aspirin mask will boast a glow with no regrets. You're face will be calmed of redness from acne and softer than you've ever felt it.

All you'll need is 3 non coated aspirin (walmart has a bottle of 200 for only 98cents) and honey.

Place 3 aspirin in a small dish and put 2 drops of water with your finger on each one. Let it dissolve the pills a bit (takes about 1 minute), then squeeze about a half a tsp. on honey over the top. Mix up the honey and aspirin with two fingers and then spread all over your face.

Leave on your skin for 15 minutes, then add a little water to your fingers and gently buff your skin in small circular motions. Do not rub hard or pull on your skin. Rinse well and enjoy beautifully soft smooth skin. Great for a special night out or when your skin needs a quick pick me up.

*Note: be sure to test a small area on your jawline for any sensitivities. Most people can tolerate this treatment well. Enjoy.

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