Friday, December 19, 2008

New Product Recommendation: Vita-Myr Toothpaste

I listen to The Power Hour almost daily on click the OnDemand button and you can listen to the stream anytime. They have great guests who share awesome information regarding health and nutrition and also relevant information on world news.
Last night I heard the formulator of this new toothpaste talk about how, due to gum disease, he was a week away from having all his teeth removed. His wife did some research and said let's try the natural route. Together they created this toothpaste, and he no longer needed to have his teeth removed. Several callers said the same.

When I get my new debit card in the mail I'll be ordering it myself. It costs $6.95 and they also have a children's toothpaste. Why would we let our kids use a product with warnings on the package? Knowing what I know now...I'm making changes one day at a time.
If you order this product...please leave comments to share with others.
Go to the Power Mall to order.

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